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the_dorian's Journal

The Dorian: Writers Online
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This is the Livejournal community for submissions to the online creative writing magazine, The Dorian: Writers Online. The website does not yet exist, but that will be changed shortly (my Australian friend is designing the website, and the time difference actually makes it difficult to catch each other...oh, and she has a life...)

Anyway, join the community, and post your writing here that you would like to see in upcoming editions of The Dorian. However, please follow the rules of posting, or your post will be ignored.


+_Entries can be fiction, installments of a series (this is encouraged, as it gives me advance material for the next edition ^^), editorials (political and otherwise), and all kinds of poetry. No fanfiction, please.

+_Include your full name on all submissions.

+_ If it's a long piece, putting it behind a cut would be appreciated. This is how you do it:

*lj-cut* [your submission piece here] */lj-cut*

Just replace the stars with < and >.

+_You may advertise writing communities here, but consequently, you must advertise this community in the community you are advertising. Failure to do this will result in the deletion of your promotional post.

+_Please don't give especially degrading criticism of pieces posted here. Constructive criticism is great; flaming just starts dramatic bullshit and makes everyone look dumb at the end. If you think it's crap, keep it to yourself; I'll be the judge of that. :P

Maintained by maggie_with_a_q. Friend me if you'd like; be sure to drop a comment.