John (inkrain) wrote in the_dorian,


More of a rant really.
Here and there the sky is etched in blue where the clouds part. Dogs bark in excited frenzies and the rain children huddle in the gutters. Ahead of you lies the future, infinite opportunities and a fantastic journey. Behind you, broken hearts and lost opportunities of the past. The road fills with traffic, countless thousands of travellers walking side by side. As we continue the buildings of youth give way to open fields and the road climbs hills and mountains. A few travellers veer off at various exits and the road crawls over a scorching desert. Beyond the desert is a lush valley. The travellers are getting fewer. Past the valley the road winds through grass covered hills. The last traveller leaves your side for fresh horizons as you enter a treeless plane. It goes on for miles and miles. No crossroads fork from the main highway and life enters the doldrums. You wonder if you will ever find a turnoff that will meet with your standards. As the road goes ever onwards and your standards start to drop. Finally on the horizon the grey blue road spawns a dirt track. Eagerly you run longing for a place to stop. The track yields a rusty tumbledown shack, hardly the mansion you dreamed about among the tall buildings of youth and as you push the rickety door open the smell hits you. For a horrible moment you consider staying but fortunately reason and sanity prevails. You reach the main road and must decide which way to turn. Onwards towards fresh reaches a new views or back past familiar shapes and landforms. You make your decision and move on.
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