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Hi My name is John Willanski and I'm for Adelaide, Australia. I do a lot of writing and I want to get more of it out there. I saw this community advertised in the _imagine_ community.
Here are the first two posts in my "lost" series. I have done lots more and they can be read o the woke community.

Take the path less trodden

I was wandering on a lonely road. There were no rain clouds in the sky and above me was a deep blue like an ocean. All around the sun shone on the red sand like a vast unerring beach, wind rippled and wild. Ahead the road stretched ever on like a blue grey cut in the earth, behind is the same, exactly parallel. I stopped to feel the wind on my face like a gentle hand that ruffled my hair playfully. I sat on the warm asphalt and saw the deep cracks only the sun could split open. I ran my fingers along them like a god caressing a canyon in a harsh stone landscape. The sun beat down as I rose to my feet. I felt the hot ache in my legs, all memory of the gentle wind gone from my mind. I rejoined my journey and not for the last time a little reluctance pulled at my heart, wanting that little world in the cracks of the road.
A town in the sand.
I've reached a ghost town, lost in the ever present dunes that rose as I continued on the rode. There was no one to greet me as I arrived. I suppose no one was expecting me. I stopped in the town square and sat on a bench watching the sun climb down the blue of the sky to the red sand below. The clock struck a lonely note in the deserted town and I could feel the ghosts around me. I could feel the sadness of a paradise lost in a slowly rolling desert. I got up and began to look around as the evening stars winked on one by one. There was a general store still warm from the heat of the day. It still had posters advertising the price confectionary now stuck as a hard tack in their jars. I cleared away the cobwebs and lay my pack down on the bare floor boards. I may stay here for a time.
Not a soul did I find as I wandered on exploring the street of old buildings. I passed the war memorial and stopped for my minute of silence.
Lest we forget.

Sorry if the links don't work, I'm new to HTML and dyslexic.
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