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First post here...

I saw you were in need of more stories, so I have a very short one I want to give you. It's only three paragraphs long. Heh. It's a little girl's thoughts about the British when they come over with Colombus.

Also, I have it posted at, I don't know if you want to use it since it's already posted somewhere.

Strangers Coming
By Shasa Perino

Dear Journal,
Today was a very interesting day. Today was the day that the strangers came. Today was the day that I traded my doll, Isabella, for a shiny, blue glass bead. It’s actually very pretty. I tied it to a piece of string and I wear it around my neck. My mommy and her friends really like it.
These men are very strange. Their chief seems to be a man called “Cloud-boss.” All of these men are very peculiar, but their chief is the strangest. They all wear these cotton things on their bodies. It covers all their skin, except for their hands and face! I find this really amazing. And then they have big, black, bouncy feet. And very, very long hair. It reaches below their shoulders! My hair only reaches to my ears. And then they have these headdresses. They’re not made with feathers, though. I don’t know what exactly they’re made with. All I know is that it covers their entire head and that it’s some sort of cloth. They don’t paint their bodies like we do, though. Their skin is a very pale white. All of ours is a deep cocoa color with bits of red paint. I like the red paint, but Mommy doesn’t let me use it.
These strangers are a little bit mean to my family too. They gave us something they called “soared.” It was very sharp and shiny. When I put my finger on the tip, it cut me. “Cloud-boss” doesn’t seem to like our tools, though. We have these wonderful reeds, but they hate them! They like their tools better.
I have decided that I only like these men if I’m talking to my family. I don’t like how they hurt me and my family, or how they think we’re so strange. They’re the strange ones. The only reason I like them is because they give us gifts. And because all of my family does too. But, when I’m alone, I’ll still say mean things about them.

- Tuari
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