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I joined a while ago and all I've posted so far are questions. I thought I'd change that. I don't have any story writings to post at the moment as they are all HORRIBLLY unedited but I do have some poems. They aren't the best but they might work on some strange level. Hope you enjoy, and help/criticism/thoughts are greatly welcomed.

Prelude to a Fool's Paradise

Every evening they would say
"good night"
from across the yard.
As long as they can remember
their windows had faced eachother.
Even when they were fighting,
which happened offten,
her emerald eyes
would go to the window
and there they would meet
his brandy eyes.
They learnt the subtleties
of speaking with
the windows to the soul.
Not a word was ever uttered,
at this sacred bed time,
but everything that ever needed
to be voiced was said.
One night
she went to the window
and he wasn't there.
Her heart broke.
She had lulled herself into
a rotuine.
Secured herself in a fools paradise.
Without him
she was lost.
Across the waters,
he still waited
nightly by his window.
Hoping his eyes would get their message
to her.
He missed her,
he still cared
he still loved her.
Years passed,
and although those emerald eyes
still remembered the brandy depths
they lost,
they stopped venturing to the window.
one day in passing she happened to glance
out the window,
across the yard,
and straight into his eyes.
They both smiled, tentatively,
but their eyes said all they needed to.
They were back in paradise.


The star light falls gently
caressing her skin
in ways she wished his hands still did.
She basks in their glow,
loving the way their soft rays
the way they remind her of him.
His dark hair, the back drop that his sparkling eyes rested upon.
She longes to see him again
but it was now as if there were light years between them.
Slowly she removes all that holds the differences
and lays her body down in the soft grass.
She stares longingly at the sky,
remembering him.
A gentle breaze picks up,
sending a slight shiver down her back
and still her eyes remain locked on the sky,
biding him back to her.

Guarded Delirium

She was trained to be a watcher
Never to fail
Never to let her guard down
Never to be caught unaware
From the moment she was born
A solitary watcher was conditioned
But somehow he slipped past her defenses
He made his way into her mind
Into her heart
He, who had known only rage,
Showed her how to feel again
How to love again
He opened up her mind
To new feelings
New experiences
New ways to be
He was
An enchantment
An intoxication
A delight
A temporary disorder of the mind
And though he's gone now
Claimed both by distance
And by time
Ever now and then
She finds her way back
To her
Guarded Delirium

All 3 poems can stand on their own, but they also work as part of my stories. Hope you enjoyed. :D

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